Who woulda thunk it?

In 2005 I started thinking about riding my bike more. When I graduated from college in January 2003 my brother Kory had built me a Russ Denny road frame set as a gift. Who would of thought it would lead to this? I didn’t. Not for a second. It all started with a small 4 mile loop in Woodbury which is where I lived at the time. More or less I was settling in to the home life. That 4 mile loop became 8 miles, then 16, and ultimately I was confident enough to unclip in groups so I tried some TCBC rides. I was hooked. My goal each week on our Friday night rides was to stay with the lead men as long as I could. Each week I was able to stay with them longer. I had only done a few triathlons as those are easier to find than the underground world of bike racing in America.

It wasn’t until I asked around at every bike shop I went to when the guys at County Cycle had mentioned the “track class” at the NSC Velodrome. It was a great deal for training and equipment use. I had nothing to loose. Bob Williams was my instructor and he is a very good teacher. Looking back now, the track is absolutely one of the best places to start bike racing. The educational tools I had learned there carried over into all disciplines.

It took me a year to actually get back on the track after completing the class. I hadn’t tried racing as it just didn’t fit into my lifestyle at the time. I ended an unhealthy relationship, sold a few things around the house, and decided to buy a bike. Now, I wasn’t dead-set on a track bike. I was actually shopping for a mountain bike when I ran into a now friend who found out I had taken the track class. He invited me up to a Madison practice. I had no idea what that meant but it sounded fun, so why not??  I showed up and quickly realized what has ever since been the presence of more men than women. I was the only woman at this class and it was my fifth time on the track ever. A year had gone by and after the Madison practice I jumped in head first to a season of track racing.

It’s amazing to think I really have come a lifetime from where I had been and not just cycling related. I now live in the heart of a very cool city and race my bike for Team KENDA on a national level. Sure it may not pay, but what you get out of this sport can never be quantified with anything but emotional compensation. I look forward to a great season on the road with events such as Redlands, Joe Martin, Tulsa Tough, NVGP, etc.

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