Today I made it to Pichilemu, Chile, a surf town on the Pacific. The experience of hospitality and friendship surpassed expectations after the first hour. Esti, the adorable little lady I’m renting a cabin from, greeted me at the bus station with a sign and all (there was about 12 people total hanging out at the station and being a gringa we stand out)! What a sweety!
As I walked through town starving I discovered there is no shortage of empanadas stands. I’m already well on my way to figuring out which is the best. And get this, while waiting for my empanada to cook I said hi to a follow gringo, Tyler who is from Wisconsin (now a raft guide in OR). Small small world.

I stopped in a small skate & cafe shop and met Mauricio. He had just traveled to New York and Chicago this past fall for the first time. He was so impressed with the American idea of mixing a cafe with a shop of sorts he made his new dream here in Pichilemu. His energy was contagious. After buying an ice tea and starting in on my second empanada, I had asked Mauricio where Lobo was. I had meant the surf shop as I didn’t realize it was also a part of town. He said it was close but a far walk. Then with his excitement for the city he asked if I wanted him to show me (we both speak little of the others language). After some confusion we went. He straight up closed his shop in the middle of the day and we went exploring. I saw the traditional views most come for but then we hiked out to a small beach that reached only by a tiny trail that’s hard to find (if you’re a tourist). Along the way eating some of the sea weed that is intentionally pull off the rocks to dry out and munch on. Fun texture and I’d say I kinda liked it…a good substitute for salty crispy fries.


After exploring I did indeed want to go to Lobo the surf shop, but instead Mauricio (who has friends in every corner of the city) insisted on his friends place. So tomorrow I’m all set up with gear and a few hours of private lessons!! Last June I surfed for the first time with my co-guide Scott (also a good teacher) and loved it! Over the next 3 days I am fully prepare to get my ass kicked by waves and hopefully catching a few of them…


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