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In one week’s time…

Every day seems like any other, but so much is learned. Things I’ve notice:

  • Although my name is Terra, it’s pronounced differently since the rr’s are rolled. It’s fun having a new name in a new country. Te’-rra
  • In our small town of Alaro you rarely walk on the sidewalks because they are pointless in their narrow ways. You just walk the streets and try not to get hit.
  • Also in our town and many other small villages, restaurants don’t open until late or not at all. Or only on Wednesdays, Saturdays for dinner and Thursdays for lunch. Yep, makes total sense. Last night we walked all over and ended up eating at home because nothing was open.
  • This island functions on coffee and dessert! Seriously.
  • Daily I’m trying to sketch the day in writing (suggestion per guest Heather)…it’s hard.
  • Driving the van at times is NOT for the weak hearted with switchbacks and cyclist from both directions, however I’m feeling more confident daily.

Pictures from the last week:

Guests from my inaugural trip were wonderful! Shared music, laughter in sag van rides, tandem bike talk (and rides), and so much more!




Just Hanging out with Marianne Vos at the gas station on van support day…IMG_0811




Watch Video:  IMG_0968


Monday was Palma day as uber tourist!


It’s been a while so I went to church…was beautiful!

DSC00219 DSC00220

We met some Unicorn friends from Vienna (#bburd) on Saturday and got in a huge coastal ride on Tuesday!

Screenshot 2014-04-01 23.58.40

That’s about 93 miles and 9,560ft of climbing –  so AWESOME!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

The bike shop in Alaro is quite the hang out for rainy days or just to get solid internet (where I currently am and it’s closing ASAP for siesta). Oh it’s also owned by the current Madison World Champion, David Muntaner!! Check out the walls and tables in this place!!

IMG_1009 IMG_1010

I did a little recovery spin out to Sineu and tripped on a wonderful street market. Not sure why I didn’t take my camera to take shots but here is one that was taken along the way. I believe these little lambs had just been born that morning (dad, I used the telephoto lens on this one!).


I love this camera!


Lastly, even in rainy days are beautiful in Mallorca…we managed to get in about 50km in the rain with two climbs.


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