Mandatory Mountain Time

Life is about balance, ying yang, work/life, our chi, in relationships, time dedicated to being on the bike, time off the bike, and maybe on which bike. Recently I took an entire week off my bike. There are several reasons why. I’ll leave those up to your imagination. I had to start back into it somehow and I couldn’t think of a better way to ease back in then to go mountain biking with my coach, Sophie, and friend, Amy.

It was my first time on the mountain bike this entire year! I have ridden countless miles and not one of them was over dirt (intentionally). It was incredibly zen! Prior to the ride I had even gotten my bike ready to sell (with reluctance) and after, I called myself a fool for the thought without having a replacement.

For me, I crave change. Let me rephrase that…I crave continuous differential experiences. Or like my co-worker, Stacy states, I have my hand in every honey pot I can find. Maybe I didn’t realize the magnitude of this craving until recently. However now more enlightened it will be taken into consideration for all avenues of my life, including riding. I need variation and I believe mandatory mountain time might be the trick to breaking up the monotony of training on the road.

Even today I got out on my CX bike over to Wirth Park. Every fall I rediscover how awesome it is to have a dirt play land within a short riding distance. It’s so liberating to fly through the woods, venture over obstacles, and nearly hit numerous trees. I wish I could record my internal monolog as I ride. This blog could write itself if that were the case because the thoughts flow like my tires over the rocks and roots. Hah, yes sometimes choppy and maybe not as smooth as I had hoped.

So the point is find your mountain time, whatever that may be.

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