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Mallorca…where I fell in love with climbing

Well hot damn climbing becomes fun when you have an awesome place to do it in! Seriously, I’ve never enjoyed 5-7% grade so much in my life. Spin to win! Our fleet and what I’m riding is a Trek Domane 5.9 with Di2, a compact crank, and currently I have carbon wheels rocking. I am loving it! I won’t go into detail of the climbs we hit throughout the week, but EVERYTHING here is gorgeous! There is nothing I love more than riding through little villages and stopping for coffees. And the coastal line…don’t get me started.

If you would like to geek out feel free to creep on me via Strava…yes I’ve now caved to the Strava. Without power info it’s my only way of capturing that competitive edge. Keep in mind when I’m with the guests, times are what they need to be for those purposes.

Made it over in one piece and barely any jet leg. The key was staying up the 34 hours strait until Sunday night (left US Saturday afternoon). The flights I had were great and fairly direct. This picture is out my window of the moonlight hitting the wing. It was this beautiful the entire way!

photo 1

I am settling right into Alaro which is an adorable town right next to Santa Maria. Santa Maria is pretty center to the island, which makes it perfect to access a lot of riding all over the island without climbing out of a town.  We have a cute apartment and make great coffee every morning for (currently) the three of us, Jason, Lisa, and I.

One of the main streets in Alaro right outside the bakery in the morning.


My room with a view…and wonderfully sunny in the morning 🙂


There are many random details I’d love to share, but I’d like to keep this entry short. See pictures below for a few things (right click and open in a new tab for full quality view). I’ve discovered Skype and its beauty of calling/chatting for very little to nothing. Huge win there! For those looking for contact info, it’s listed below.

Skype: terra_james

Instagram: completerradise

EU Phone Number: +34 691 945 205 (iPhone people, text away it’s free!)

Mailing Address:

Read’s Hotel
Attn: Terra James (Trek Travel Guide)
Carretera Vieja Santa Maria Alaró sn
07320 Santa Maria del Cami (Mallorca), PM
971 14 02 61

My lifeline in Mallorca, a cortado. Spanish for cut, which basically means it’s espresso with just a cut of steamed milk vs. a cappuccino. Muy bien!


My two co-guides, Lisa and Jason, showing me the ropes!


For those following on Instagram you may have seen this one, Sa Calobra. It’s one of the crowned jewels of the Island. To me it was like Lord of the Rings meets cycling heaven!


A nice little solo ride I did last Thursday. No coastal line in this one, but it was one of my favorite quiet places between Col de Orient and Col de Honor. These guys weren’t up for much conversation as they had their work on the greens.


On Friday, we rode through Pollenca to land at Cap Formentor which is the light house on northern end of the island.

photo 2




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