DFW to TUC Back in the Cabin…

Last night on the flight from Dallas to Tucson I met up with my Uncle John as he was on the same flight home. It was great to start my family reunion a flight early! As we boarded the plane and I found my seat, Uncle John recognized the gentleman that was next to me, Congressman Ron Barber. He was in the middle of an email as I sat down and I didn’t want to press the fact I’d love to talk with him to hear anything he has to say. I simply made the normal small talk and waited for an opportunity to explore further. I’ve never been a fan of turning off my cell phone until this flight when he had to do the same. Before we even left the ground we were talking about spending cuts on the military that just went into affect a week ago. As the wheels left the ground I thought to myself, here’s a guy that spends all week in DC eating, sleeping, and breathing policy, there’s no way he’s willing to entertain me all flight with talk about his work. Putting myself in his shoes I’d want to utilize the flight as a way to decompress from the week, read about unrelated topics, and take a nap. Nope! The entire time we talked!!

Our conversation flowed from one topic to the next like we were verbally surfing the perfect wave. Our content varied from boarder control, newly signed Violence Against Women Act, gun control, his family, small business, the shooting, my work, the committees he’s on, bike racing of course, Washington, and much more.

He’s incredibly humble and genuine. It was an incredible experience and I really enjoyed sitting back and listening to anything he was willing to tell me.

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