Well, I am an interesting one and probably always will be! My adult life started out doing adultive things like owning a house and having post-college successes in the corporate world as an accountant for about a decade. Overlapping the end of that streak is when I picked up the bicycle and started racing. That’s where my life really started, on the bike.

The bike led me in a direction I never would have guessed! After six years of racing, taking the bike to a national level, and “having it all” in the professional world, I decided to make a grand leap in life. The next chapter was to minimize down to a suitcase and see the world. Since 2014, I have lived in eleven countries on four continents and sometimes even in a van. Most of that travel was done as an avid cycling tour guide and in my off-season, I would continue my personal travels. The experiences I’ve collected have been fascinating and I love sharing them with the curious. My next chapters in life are yet to unfold, but I have a suspicion they will have to do with food, nutrition, and high-quality organic ingredients.

My heart is now wide open to the opportunities life really gifts.