A First for Everything

This weekend I head off to Chattanooga, TN for the US National Road Race. This will be my first US National event and no matter which way you slice it, it is going to be hard. Our road race is 63 miles comprising of 3 laps of an in-town circuit to start, two long laps which each include a 3 mile x 1200 ft. climb and the in-town circuit, and then finishes with 3 more laps of the in-town circuit. Get all that? Good.

With a flight out Saturday morning, I’m excited to see what Chattanooga has to offer. I keep hearing how beautiful it is. I will get there with plenty of time to ride Saturday and Sunday with the race being on Monday. I’ll even go drive the course to see all its glory. What’s even more exciting is the support I’m bringing with me! My mom will be coming along for the event. It’s pretty awesome to be racing this type of event and to get your mom to come with! I’ve even asked to have her be along in the race caravan to watch the show…and yes I’ll be teaching her how to give sticky bottles on the flight out just in case.

The big question I keep asking myself is what are my expectations for this race? It’s a really hard question to answer. These girls are the best in the nation and hungry for stars and stripes. Me? I’m hungry for experience. I want to be a player in the game.

It’s no secret that the spring in Minnesota hasn’t been kind. Not one of my original training plans has gone accordingly. Of course I haven’t been sitting on my butt, however it makes it hard to simulate real races and intensity. When I have gotten to race things have just gone OK. I’ve had a few run-ins like crashes, breaking parts mid-race, and a flat with 2 to go. Shit happens and that’s racing. I’ve grown to write these things off shortly after happening (Redlands helped with that). Over the next several days I’ll be focusing on toeing that line with as much confidence that I can muster up enabling me to brush elbows (hopefully not literally) with the best of the best in the US.

And hey, if all else fails, at least my mom will be waiting at the finish line.

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