The Next Chapter

With the conclusion of NVGP 2013, this means break time! I’ve now had a few days of no riding! Ok confession, I did an AM spin with a friend Monday morning, but just to enjoy the conversation. It’s been absolutely wonderful catching my breath! I had dinner with a friend and took my dog to an actual dog park! This weekend brings my cousin, Jen’s wedding and time with family. To say the least I appreciate every relaxing, non-pressure moment.

In regards to my arm that had been giving me pain (crash at Tulsa Tough) during NVGP, it is indeed fractured. Tuesday morning I woke up and decided I was annoyed enough to go get more x-rays. It’s an avulsion fracture of the radius. Which means a smaller chunk of bone has pulled away from the main bone. I like to call it my bone island…just hanging out off the coast of radius. I wiki-ed avulsion fracture the moment I got off the phone with the doc and this is part of the main description:

Generally muscular avulsion is prevented due to the neurological limitations placed on muscle contractions. Highly trained athletes can overcome this neurological inhibition of strength and produce a much greater force output capable of breaking or avulsing a bone.

Cool, does this mean I can consider myself a “highly trained athlete”?!?!? All I had to do is break my arm?

All kidding aside, I’m glad I checked into it. I will be a lot easier on it than I would have otherwise.  It will be several weeks of stabilizing the arm and icing. Nothing major will need to be done and yes I plan to still ride and train. Per my coaches there will be no cobble training though.

Looking forward, I’m excited to go back into training mode. I love racing, but I also LOVE training. Now that the weather is better it will be fun to get hours in on the bike with fun groups.  It will also give me time to reevaluate what the rest of the summer looks like, reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, and what areas I can improve.

Thank you to all those who were so encouraging during NVGP and cheered me on!

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