NVGP Quick Post: Day one

Day one is over…which I’m very happy about. I haven’t even looked at my results but I know where I stand. Honestly I wasn’t mentally ready at all for day one. Getting back from Tulsa (12 hrs in the car Monday) and not taking a day off of work (Tuesday) was my largest mistake. However even by request I couldn’t take it off as I had a deadline to get hundreds of thousands of dollars out the door for tax payments, which only I have the ability to really do at Ryan. It’s pretty awesome to be needed at your workplace; I wish it were a week later. To say the least it was a stressful day at work.

It’s hard to put yourself in this place until you live it, but the smallest stresses add up. Even I couldn’t fathom what I was getting into this season by lining up 4 weeks of races straight (and work). It’s all a very good learning experience and I now can dispense this knowledge to any that ask. Or maybe I’ll post about it at some point.

Yesterday I went into the day frustrated about my lack of rest. I’m recovering from Friday night’s crash really well (Tulsa), however I can feel it in my body that plainly I needed more rest. It’s amazing how quick my face has mended itself!! My wrist on the other hand still is in recovery.  As the swelling has gone down I get to see the 360-degree rainbow bruising of colors. It’s fairly unstable, but thanks to Tria (huge THANKS) they have helped me tape it up to be more stable racing.

So the bottom line is I’m writing yesterday off and today is a new day. Amazingly last night (post racing) I started having this wave of good feeling. A feeling of excitement for our 93 mile road race and the remainder of NVGP. It’s a feeling that comes rarely and out of nowhere. I can’t explain it and there is no way for me to talk myself into it but when it comes I love it!  It’s the same feeling I had in the Tuscon crit when going into the prime lap 20+ riders back I had a good feeling about the prime and took it. Now I’m not saying I’m going to win a road race today (not discounting it either – who knows what will happen), but this positive energy is a vital to an athlete. I’m embracing it.

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